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Tale of the town cat and country cat

Le Bristol’s elegant feline moves to her country residence at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

Paris, March 2017

Kléopatre one of two elegant feline residents at the Parisian Palace Le Bristol Paris is moving to Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, another Oetker Collection hotel, to enjoy her private parkland and fresh Baden-Baden air.

Kléopatre and Fa-Raon are two fabulous white-furred Birman cats that made Le Bristol their Paris residence. Very much at home with Le Bristol family they were often seen sashaying through corridors and sumptuous lounges, taking strolls through the French gardens, curling up on the concierge desk. But now Kléopatre is moving to her country residence and all at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa welcomed her with open arms. Kléopatre has clearly decided this Grand Dame hotel is her perfect place; she adores the historic elegance, the warmth of the open fireplace, fresh air, and the soothing sounds of the River Oos that runs through her private park.

With dignity, Fa-Raon bade his lady companion farewell, but he does seem quite pleased to resume his position as sole palace pasha at Le Bristol Paris.


Oetker Collection is one of the most inspiring selections of masterpiece hotels in the world. The name ‘masterpiece hotels’ includes a pledge; a commitment to provide service of the highest quality, every hour of every day. The pearl as a symbol combines singularity, beauty and quality. The individual pearls bind together to form a unique string of pearls.

Each property is one-of-a-kind, reflecting the unique European heritage and sharing the highest levels of service internationally with exceptional and historic architecture & interiors combining with great attention to detail.

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