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Fregate Island welcomes Hawksbill Turtle nesting season



Occupying an entire private island the size of Monaco in the middle of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Fregate Island Private feels like walking into Jurassic Park with its luscious green landscape, thousands of birds circulating in the sky and 2,200 charismatic Giant Aldabra Tortoises. This November, the resort will be home to thousands of critically endangered Hawksbill turtles as they begin their annual migration to the shores of Seychelles for nesting season.

Hawksbill turtles visit each of Fregate’s seven beaches from October to January every year. The sandy beaches provide a vital nesting habitat and remains the only place on earth where sea turtles naturally come ashore and nest during the day. The most popular beach is Grande Anse, where females lay two to four clutches of up to 200 eggs which take approximately 60 days to hatch. Here, guests have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness first-hand one of nature’s true miracles.

Throughout the year, Fregate Island Private’s conservation staff safeguard and monitor the several hundred nests and see to it that the young turtles hatch successfully and safely. The team patrol the beaches, moving any nests in danger of being swept away by the sea and giving each a GPS location and tag with expected due date. Fascinatingly, the location of the nest determines the sex of the offspring, a shaded nest predominantly produces males, and sunnier nests produce females. Once hatched, the turtles follow the reflection of the moon and the vibrations of the sea to find their way to the water.

While only one in every 1,000 turtles surviving to adulthood, Fregate Island Private - a pioneer in sustainability and marine conservation – offers them a safe haven and ensures they have the best possible start in life in an attempt to address these odds. The island, which is a masterpiece hotel in the Oetker Collection, has long been considered one of the world’s great conservation sanctuaries. In addition to the Hawksbill turtles, it is also home to resident free-roaming Giant Aldabra Tortoises and turtle nursery, where guests can up close and personal with recent hatchlings and learn about breeding, as well as numerous other endangered animal and bird species.



Oetker Collection is one of the most inspiring selections of masterpiece hotels in the world. The name ‘masterpiece hotels’ includes a pledge; a commitment to provide service of the highest quality, every hour of every day. The pearl as a symbol combines singularity, beauty and quality. The individual pearls bind together to form a unique string of pearls.

Each property is one-of-a-kind, reflecting the unique European heritage and sharing the highest levels of service internationally with exceptional and historic architecture & interiors combining with great attention to detail.

Oetker Collection embraces ten luxury hotels:

  • L’Apogée Courchevel – a luxury chalet with a warm and family atmosphere offering the most desirable skiing experience at the top of Courchevel 1850 in the French Alps.

  • Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa – an iconic grand hotel, amidst a sprawling private park in Baden-Baden, Germany. The historic Villa Stéphanie now offers Europe’s most refined and innovative spa experience.

  • Le Bristol Paris – an authentic vibrant French palace completely refurbished, the ultimate reference for Parisian art-de-vivre, ideally located on the prestigious rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

  • Château Saint-Martin & Spa – a romantic property of excellence nestled in the heart of the French Riviera, boasting breathtaking views over the Mediterranean coastline.

  • Eden Rock – St Barths – a luxurious retreat in St Barths built on a rocky promontory, surrounded by white sandy beaches, and turquoise sea; French art-de-vivre in the heart of the Caribbean.

  • Fregate Island Private – a jewel of conservation featuring lush forest, wild fauna, and overlooking the crystal waters of the Seychelles. Unique on the Planet.

  • Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc – a legendary luxury hotel at the centre of a scenic private park, where old-world glamour meets modern luxury at the tip of the Cap d’Antibes.

  • Jumby Bay Island – a private hideaway in the Caribbean; its personality knows how to capture the imagination and reveals the island’s natural beauty.

  • The Lanesborough – classically British service in a remarkably vibrant and elegant London residence.

  • Palácio Tangará – with an exceptional location in the heart of a tropical park, Palácio Tangará São Paulo opened its doors in spring 2017.

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