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Destination: Inspiration - Part 2

The second part of the inspirational webinar for the travel trade was passionately delivered by today's guest speaker, Celeste Muir, who delivered her "Dummies Guide to Surviving Lockdown". Dedicated to the travel industry for many years, Celeste heads the Marketing department at Thompsons Holidays and currently juggles working from home whilst entertaining her energetic 4-year old daughter.

During her presentation, Celeste points out the resilience of South Africans and encourages the travel trade to persevere, giving practical advice to manage financial as well as mental hurdles caused by the current situation due to COVID-19. She further shares personal experiences and appeals to the attendees not to cut back on marketing. In addition, Celeste explains the importance of over-delivering customer service in order to stand out and cut through the noise of an overcrowded, digital space. The recording can be viewed and enjoyed below.

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