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Destination: Inspiration - Part 3

During the third and final part of Destination: Inspiration, guest speaker Tania Bezer from The Holiday Factory presented her advice on how to cope during COVID-19. Tania pointed out the importance of staying in touch with business partners and keeping relationships alive whilst re-assuring them during a time of absolute uncertainty. This surely took some adjustment as well as the only way to connect was in a digital way as opposed to be in person. She further highlighted the importance of taking advantage of this quiet period (from an inquiry point of view) and making the most of it by completing tasks and focusing on projects that we usually never have time for. In fact, Tania admitted that she was even busier now than ever before. She urges the travel trade to prepare for an increase of business as she expects a huge demand and increase in travel once the lockdown regulations are being relaxed. Tania appeals to the tourism professionals to be prepared, have systems updated, be informed about policies, reach out to clients via electronic newsletters and lastly, to have had enough rest and be ready to tackle the big wave of inquiries.

Tania encourages to collaborate and find useful tools that can support you in this time, communicate with industry partners to support each other. Further advise and tips can be viewed in below recording.

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