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The White Pearl Villa 


In September 2023, White Pearl Resorts unveiled The Villa, a luxurious retreat on Mozambique's Lagoon Coastline. A hidden gem offering unparalleled beauty and immersive luxury, The Villa stands on the shores of the Indian Ocean, boasting five scintillating Suites with meticulous Balinese-style décor. This exclusive oasis pampers guests with exceptional amenities, including diverse dining spaces, a Poolside Bar with ocean views, and plush day beds for sunbathing. Shaded alfresco areas and an infinity-edged pool provide all-day and night entertainment. Whether seeking an intimate getaway or a lavish villa retreat, The Villa seamlessly blends resort luxury with personal privacy. Set against the natural beauty of Mozambique's Lagoon Coastline, indelible memories are crafted. What distinguishes this experience is the dedicated staff—a seamless manager, an anticipatory butler, and a private chef ready to delight taste buds. The Villa is a haven where every desire is fulfilled, promising an unforgettable escape surrounded by the pristine allure of Mozambique's coastal beauty.

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