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Exclusive Serenity is gearing up for change

The only constant thing in life is change.

We at Exclusive Serenity are gearing up for change. With change come insecurity, adjustment but also opportunity and excitement. Firstly, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website which reflects a much sleeker and more modern design. Pictures say more than a thousand words hence we kept the words to an essential minimum; rather than writing a book, we prefer to focus on action and on what brings results.

One of the biggest changes that were recognised this year is probably the impact and disruption that companies such as Air bnb and Uber have caused. The change and conflict between offline and online is tremendous, in fact, we have noticed that for some of our clients, offline just does not bring the desired results anymore. The growing need to be efficient and active online goes far beyond an online presence and merely having a website and a Facebook page. It comes down to how much business can the website bring in, what is the engagement rate on the various Facebook posts, are the fans actually the right audience or have they been purchased to make a numerous (but often useless) impression? As nice as it is to know that your aunt likes your latest post, unless she is a potential client or a multiplier who can get the attention of other potential clients, she might not increase your social media stats in a desirable way. Also, if the post is not relevant to her or does not resonate with her, she might not like it at all… literally.

With online becoming a necessity rather than a possibility, we focus a lot more on online activities within our offering. Janine successfully completed her Diploma in Social Media Marketing (with distinction!) whilst I am focusing on content marketing and digital marketing.

We have finally changed our email marketing program from a dreadful, not user-friendly but very frustrating program to a savvy and clever program that will increase our online joy and results for our clients.

Lastly, there will be some changes in our portfolio. When one door closes, another one opens. Whilst we are opening quite a few new doors, you can look forward to what we will soon have in store for you.

So, back to our website. There is no failure, only feedback. Let us know what you think and if you do like it, you can do so on our Facebook page.

Stay positive and embrace change.

Yours in Travel,


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