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Destination: Inspiration

How to get through COVID-19 in travel And suddenly, the world came to a standstill. Planes grounded. Lockdowns announced. Curfews implemented. Long planned events postponed indefinitely. Plans put on hold.

COVID-19 put the world as we knew it upside down, with dramatic impact especially for the tourism industry. I think it is safe to say, that the tourism sector has been hit the hardest. Right now, it feels as if our industry is stagnating as we are waiting for borders to open and travel to resume. By now, we all know that this is not a sprint, but a marathon – without a set finish line. Uncertainty has replaced our day-to-day business, combined with frustration, anxiety, lack of control over our lives and fear for our livelihoods.

The mental impact of COVID-19, especially for those in the hospitality industry and tourism sector, is not to be underestimated and in order to get through this unprecedented time, we need to take responsibility for our well-being in order to survive and thrive. Easier said than done and it certainly does take effort.

Our current situation calls for perseverance and self-care as well as a shift of mind set.

The following webinar ‘Destination: Inspiration’ acknowledges our current situation and aims at helping to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and inspire us to find ways to cope.

Stay strong. Stay positive. Stay in touch.

Yours in Travel,

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