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Zuri presents - Well-being by Elements

The saying "Health is the new wealth " has never been more accurate. With this in mind, we are offering you a Zuri holistic program to take your holiday to the next level. ‘Wellbeing by Elements’ was created with the aim of boosting your immunity, reaching a balance, and providing tools for lifelong mental and physical self-guidance.

"I like to work a lot with the elements and nature around us. (...) It's a very nice opportunity to disconnect, to fine-tune, and to let the elements merge with your body, your mind and your soul", as described in the video by the program’s co-creator and holistic professional, Manuela. You will find different classes within the program from morning yoga, to workshops, dance classes, full-body workouts and much more.

You can take part in the program through individual sessions or within a special package. For tailor-made sittings we offer private classes with one of our holistic coaches. Limited access to the premises and strict hygienic rules are implemented. Click here to download the Brochure


Imagine a place in the middle of a lush tropical garden where the only disturbance you may experience is the sound of the birds and the nature around you. We called it the Yoga Deck and we designed it for you since we couldn't find such an oasis anywhere else on the island.

Say hello to our new classes, which you can now experience on the Yoga Deck. The Wheel Yoga is designed for releasing tension (we all need this right now!) and the private Aerial Yoga is perfect for stretching your muscles and increasing flexibility. And for ocean lovers, the SUP yoga classes shouldn't be missed. Check the weekly plan now.

If you are wondering why you should be active on holiday, we hear you. And we have a spa prepared for you with three treatment rooms, a jacuzzi and a beauty lounge area. Discover the MAUA by Healing Earth offering.


Masala Chai is known for its health benefits and significant aroma. Did you know that you can find all the necessary ingredients in Zanzibar? We invite you to taste it at Zuri or try to prepare it yourself. Read on to find out about the 9 benefits, and don't forget to enjoy it!

  1. Improves Digestion

The spices used in Masala Chai help in regulating the digestive system. It also helps to keep your gut healthy. A spice like ginger aids digestion by improving circulation and delivering oxygen to organs so they can perform optimally.

  1. Supports the Immune System

It is known to strengthen the immune system and keeps common infection at bay. It helps provide relief when infected with common colds and coughs.

  1. Improves Heart Health

Cinnamon, one of the main ingredients in Masala Chai, helps lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Drinking Masala Chai can prevent cardiovascular disease when consumed regularly over long periods of time.

  1. Relieves Aches and Pains

The spices found in Masala Chai can alleviate common aches and pains. These health benefits derive from the anti-inflammatory properties of many of the ingredients in it, specifically ginger and clove.

  1. Reduces Nausea

Spices like Ginger and Cardamom are well known for their ability to reduce nausea and seasickness. Masala Chai soothes an upset stomach and alleviates the stomach pain associated with nausea.

  1. Boosts Energy

It is a wonderful experience having a hot cup of ‘Masala Chai’ after a hard day’s work. Caffeine is a natural stimulant in Masala Chai which boosts energy and gives you the kick that you need to start your day.

  1. Boosts Metabolism

Tea is known as a heat generating food in Ayurveda and it also helps to speed up the metabolism. Ingredients such as ginger, clove, black pepper and cardamom help to increase weight-loss as well as the metabolism of the body over a short period.

  1. Contributes to Reduced Sugar Levels

Ingredients used in Masala Chai such as clove, cinnamon, and cardamom help to prevent diabetes by increasing the insulin sensitivity of the body and lowering one’s blood sugar levels.

  1. Relieves Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Masala Chai can fight the symptoms of PMS the natural way. Ingredients such as ginger, clove, and cardamom work as natural painkillers when you are experiencing period pains. It also calms your nerves, keeps you in a good mood and relaxes your muscles. DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE

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